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Fusible Graphics Heat Transfer/Iron On Application Instructions

Fusible Graphics™ are applied to product through heat. We offer different glues for different materials. It is critical you communciate the material you will be applying the patch to, so we may be able to best match glue.

Our glues transfer best between 320 degrees and 375 degress. Every heat transfer press and/or iron have some varience in controlling exact temperatures so the key is to do some testing before you apply to the final product.

Heat Transfer: Heat transfer is typically referred to in the industry as using an industrial press. We recommend using a heat transfer press for all applications for best adherence and long term durability.

Temperature: 330° - 350°
Time: 15 - 20 seconds
Pressure: Moderate (not light and no need for heavy pressure)

If a carrier tape is required on the heat transfer (only used for images with separations, the carrier tape keeps each separate graphic in alighment with respect to each letters), peel the carrier tape after the product has cooled down and comfortable to touch.

Iron on Application: Best to set you iron to the highest temperature available. Most irons will read, "Linen" or "Cotton" as the highest temperature setting.

CAUTION: The following instructions are for ironing your patch onto a cotton garment. For other fabrics like nylon, it could be much less in temperature needed. To assure a solid bond on hard to bond fabrics steps 5 and 6 may be repeated 2 or 3 times.

1. Place a cloth (t-shirt, pillow case, or similar thin cotton type fabric) on a hard non-heat
sensitive sturdy surface (kitchen counter, desk, cutting board, hard cover book, etc.).
2. Position area of garment where patch is to be attached on cloth, face up.
3. Position patch.
4. Cover patch with a pressing cloth (t-shirt, pillow case, or similar thin cotton type fabric).
5. Apply hot household iron (hottest setting) with a much pressure as you can apply for 60 seconds.
6. Turn garment over and repeat steps 4 and 5 from the reverse side. Without allowing garment to cool move pressing cloth to a new position (to prevent scorching) and repeat steps 5 again,
7. Allow patch and garment to cool completely before handling.

NOTE: Wash at moderate temperature. In the rare case a patch loosens, it can be re-attached by repeating steps 4 through 7. After wash a lint brush may be used to clean off and partical or lint that has attached.

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