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Fusible Graphics Custom Iron On Mini Patches

We recently made a new discovery with our custom iron on patches. We found that our technology fits perfectly for what we call mini patches. These patches fit specific areas of clothing. An example would be the shirt collar, the shirt sleeve, the bill of a hat, the back of her shirt at the top, the middle of a button-down shirt, the pocket of your jeans and many other locations.

The reason our technology works so well for this type of mini patch is the detail our technology offers. It also fits really small spaces. Mini patches are typically no more than an inch by 1 inch in size. An embroidered patch it would be very difficult to get the detail with stitching that small.

The beautiful thing about the mini patches is your able to embellish areas of shirts, hats, and bags that were never really able to be embellished previously. It's a whole new way to market a product. Wouldn't it be nice if you are wearing a polo shirt at a football game and your son is playing in the game and on one collar you have the logo of the team. On the other collar you have the number of your kid's jersey. You can see how attractive that would look on a polo shirt at the game. You have a baseball cap and on the bill of the hat you have the number of the Jersey there is well. One on the sleeve of the shirt, same thing.

Now imagine your kids were not playing football yet. They are out there in the stands running around with the team mascot undershorts or underpants. You can envision how attractive this would be walking up to the game and the whole family is decked out in their new team gear. That's the beauty of the minipack. It's very inexpensive and costs typically around a dollar a piece. You can iron on the patch to the clothing in less than a minute. What a fun way to customize your team here with these little custom meaning patches.

At you can literally send us the artwork or we will help design a new image for you. We have many different images already on stock that we can make up very quickly. Or if you want to customize your mini patch that's available as well.

We can't wait to service your needs for Fusible Graphics mini patches. Below is our contact information if you like to get started today.



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