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Custom Iron On Biker Patches

I've been wanting to talk about iron on patches for bikers. We've all seen the beautiful embroidery work that's done for leather jacket that most bikers wear. However if you really pay attention to what's inside those patches. You will find that there's additional materials besides embroidery.

Basically all biker patches are made with what we call appliques. Appliqués are a series of embroidery and additional materials like twill, cotton, polyester, nylon that make up the whole patch. It's just too costly to simply stitch the whole back side of of a biker jacket it's just too large. The expense of something like thate would be easily $50 bucks a patch. So as an alternative, embroiderers layer their patches with different materials and stitching. Obviously the text is stitched and the outline of the patch is stitched but the internal parts of the background is done with different materials.

That's where fusible graphics really comes in because with our material you can print anything literally a picture if you want. So when trying to make that background really stand out on your bike or patch. You can see how you can use diffusible graphics fabric to use as an appliqué in the embroidered process. We have contract embroidery companies on staff that help us do applique work. So it's very easy for us to make customized iron on patches when embroidery outlines and embroidery text.

The biggest advantage of using our technology in coordination with stitching is pricing. Our pricing on appliqué patches is much less than anybody in the market. I highly recommend that you get a quote, especially for the very large patches of the backside of your jacket. I promise our company will offer you a price that was unbelievable on that type of work.

We look forward to working on your next project. Bikers, I promise you guys will absolutely love the quality and color of your new custom patch with usable graphics line. I do love motorcycles. I'm love riding and I get comments daily on my jackets. Come take a look today.


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