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Custom Iron On Patches With Visual Impact

Fusible Graphics™ offers the softest, most detailed iron on patches, appliques and heat transfers in the world. Our iron ons stand out from the rest with a rich, textured look giving your project a Visual Impact like no other.

Communicate a level of class and sophistication....it makes a statement with depth and dimension offering a higher perceived value.

Feel the Difference, See the Difference!

Razor Sharp detail for clarity and visual impact......As you can see in this Schlotzki's sample, there are details no other technology can touch. This is one of the greatest benefits of our technology. We can imprint anything you desire with limited restriction or changes. Our custom heat transfers and patches offer much more detail and color combinations than embroidery. For the first time in the embellishment industry you can do photo quality iron on transfers as an applique for shirts, hats, bags, etc.....

  Alternative to an Embroidered Patch  
  Fusible Graphics™ has a soft, plush, feel, similar to velvet.......Our custom iron ons give unmatched feel and comfortability. It will flow with the shirt eliminating the stiff, bunched up feeling of embroidery while offering the class and sophistication desired.

Three iron on patches

  When it comes to brilliant colors there nothing in the world more visually stunning than a Fusible Graphics customized patch and iron on appliques. Guaranteed not to fade for the life of the item in which it is applied! (Unlike thread, we can match colors exactly)...... Our print technology allows for the widest range of colors in the industry.
  Custom embroidered patch comparison  


Top Questions Regarding our Iron-on Patches


Washability - How do they hold up in the wash? It's very simple.....they will outlast the shirt, hat, jeans, etc....Your shirt will fade before our patches. The color holds up extremely well. We guarantee it to last the life of the garment. Point being, Fusible Graphics is very durable. It's very easy to wash. You simple run in the wash based upon your garment's directions. There is no special treatment for our patches. One distinct advantage of our product is you can iron the image just like you would the rest of the shirt. If for any reason you leave the shirt in the wash and it dries out all wrinkled up, you can iron the logo, just like you can the shirt. With embroidered logos, once the shirt puckers around the logo, you are done. There's really no fixing it, thus you see a wrinkled look around the logo. This is caused more by the number of stitches in one area vs. washability, but you get the point. You can get any wrinkles our by simply ironing the product.

Adherence - Probably the second most asked question on a daily basis, will they fall off? NO, no, no, no!!!!!! Did I say NO? They absolutely will NOT come off. We have search the world over for the strongest heat transfer glues in the world, we know the power strength of our glue. However, if the patch is not adhered properly, there is a potential for issues. It's just like anything else, if you don't do it right, it won't work right. We explain this in detail in our Application Instructions page, but here's a quick snippet. With an iron-on, the glue has to be heated to at least 280, preferrably 320 and it has to have "Pressure". Think about it. The glue has to get to the melting point, then you neeed to press it into the fabric so it can saturate the material, thus creating a perfect bond when it cools. It's really that simple. That's why we recommend using a heat press over an iron because it ensures even pressure. An iron is perfectly fine but we increase the time to about 60 seconds vs. 15 seconds with a press. With the increase in time we know the heat is melting the glue properly, then we instruct you to maintain steady pressure. This is not a problem for normal sized logos, but if you get oversized logos like the size of the entire back of a shirt, we highly recommend using a heat press. it's just too much area to attempt a solid seal.

Price - The almighty dollar! Yes, we can't forget to explain the pricing. Maybe this is truly the number one question, but it seems to third on the list of questions. Our pricing is based upon square inch space. At the top of the page you can find our pricing link. This page has a price chart listed so you can easily figure out your pricing based upon the size of the image. Wholesale and industry customer need to call for appropriate discounted levels. The nice thing about pricing based upon square inch space is you can have as many colors as you want within this price. There are not additional setup fees per color and there are no limitations to the complexity of the image. We can literally print a photo into the patch.

Design and File Formats - I would say 90% of our customers already have some type of file ready to be printed. We can use any format, but some files are better than others. If you are in the industry you know vector art is the best format. This typically includes .ai, .pdf, or .eps files. Vector files, to those of you who do not know, are mathmatically driven. The logo can be increased in size and the file mathmatically calculates to the larger size to perfection. This allows us to increase the size without distortion of the logo. You may have heard the term pixellation. We've all seen on websites where an image looks distored. That's typically because someone blew up and image that is not vectored. This is typical with .jpg, .gif, and .png files. However, with that being said, as long as these files were designed to the size of the patch or larger we are good to go. Meaning, these types of files can be reduced in size without losing any detail, they just can not be enlarged beyond their original designed size or they pixalate. If you have a question regarding your file, our staff is well versed and can easily determine if you file is acceptable for the patch size you are requiring. If the file is not acceptable, we can redraw the image for a small fee. Typically around $20 per. There are also many services available online to redraw in image in vector format.

Contour Cutting - Go to our Gallery section to see examples of contour cutting. We cut our patches our of raw material that has been previously printed. This gives you the ability to make the patch very unique. We can even cut inside the logo and remove certain undesired parts. A good example woud be if you want the inside of letters removed. Let's say you want the letter "B", but you want to remove the inside parts of the "B". Can offer this option as well. There are many logos that require removal of the guts of the logo. There is a limitation to the capability. The smaller the image, the more difficult this becomes. You can imaging trying to cut and remove all the internal parts of the text in this paragraph. The letters are just too small to realistically cut. Not to mention you will have less glue for adherence. So, there is a limitation to internal cutting but most logos are large enough for the internal cuts. If you are getting patches for the front left chest, you can see that the logo is typically large enought to handle some internal cuts, however, if you were making patches for the collar of your shirt, you can see that a logo of that size is too small to cut tiny detail out. It's best to consult with our staff on contour cutting. We have cut thousands of logos and have a good feel for this process.

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Fusible Graphics AL HornetSchlotzsky's PatchIroned Patch of Ferris Bulldog

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